If an asteroid were coming to hit earth, what would I do with the last moments of my life?

Hi there! I’m starting this blog because I had an interesting experience with my son recently. He couldn’t fall asleep one night. We had just finished playing a make-believe game to help him with his math homework, where if he finished a math problem, he could shoot an oncoming asteroid (a flying pink eraser, courtesy of mom) with his Toothless dragon toy. It was fun making high-speed collision noises and making the pink eraser fly while my son aimed and fired from his Toothless dragon toy. I never knew before I had my son that I could make a variety of explosion sound effects as well as he does. As fun as it was, my son took it to heart, believing that an asteroid was really headed for earth.

After tucking him in, my son sat up in tears. I tried to console him by saying that there isn’t an asteroid and it wasn’t going to be our last day on earth. We searched “asteroid” online and found an article that was a bit assuring, that an asteroid had passed us a couple of weeks ago by 32 million miles. We tried to imagine the distance of 32 million miles. “Your school is about five miles away from mommy’s place. Can you imagine how far 32 million miles would be? That’s WAY far!” He seemed to feel better and went back to sleep, knowing it was nowhere near earth.

But even in that moment of reassurance, I couldn’t help but think about it today. What if today really was the last of my life? What would I do, think, feel?

I remember a time when I had to put my nurse assisting skills in action and rotated with a couple of other nurse assistants to do chest compressions on a very large (compared to me) gentleman in the ER. I will never forget the feeling before, during, and after. Just before I thought, “Dear God, help me to help him.” During the whole time I thought, “Am I strong enough? Am I making a difference?” Afterwards, for a couple of months, I kept yearning to change my life’s path and do something else. I had been faced with my own mortality a few times before in my life, but when I was faced with someone else’s mortality where I was actually helping an individual regain precious oxygen, it didn’t seem to make sense that I wanted to change my career in healthcare. For months afterwards, I kept thinking about becoming an elementary school art teacher. I think it might be a way to use my creative talents and make a difference in children’s lives.

I also felt a daily craving to start a blog. Just the act of writing and expressing myself in this way feels like breathing for my soul. I haven’t been as creative or expressive as I used to be, and I feel writing would help me exercise my creative muscle.

So here it is. A blog to express gratitude, recount precious moments with my son, and to explore the lovely things life has to offer. A place for my soul to relax and be free.


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